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seeds for thought - by connie

Emu eggs arrived at Stonehaus Farms.

The emu is the largest bird native to Australia and the second largest bird in the world, behind the ostrich.

Connie spent some time telling us about Emus one afternoon in March. Listen to the story.

Connie and Elliott Stone cultivated the idea for the farm after realizing that Americans rely too much on chemical-preserved foods. They vowed to help people live healthy by teaching them about meats, organic produce, and related foods. At Stonehaus Farms, we believe in sustainable living, which means hard work, long days, and reaping the bounty. Our operation has been voted one of the cleanest farms in the state of Virginia, and it is a member of VABF and the Virginia Artisan Trail network.

Grown Here at Home: A homemade remedy that takes away the itch and soothes the skin

In the country kitchen at Stonehaus Farms in Martinsville, Connie is making calendula salve. Neesey Payne from WDBJ7 recently visited Stonehaus Farms to learn how to make the salve.