Stonehaus Farms

about us

"Super nice folks and beautiful place. Kloee and I had a great time and can't wait for canning classes.

- Keith Owens

"I toured the farm with my 4 year old son and two friends close to his age, plus their mom and dad. We saw many beautiful animals and learned about each of them. Elliott was very informative and engaging and the property is beautiful. Hope to return in the Fall."- Jennifer Rash

Connie and Elliott Stone cultivated the idea for the farm after realizing that Americans rely too much on chemical-preserved foods.  They saw a direct correlation with the foods we eat, and the disease that is affecting the United States.

At Stonehaus Farms, we promise to help people live healthy by teaching them about organic produce, how to use lost arts to sustain life,  how to raise animals for more than just meat, and how to use natural plants and herbs for a healthier and joyous lifestyle!
At Stonehaus Farms, we believe in sustainable living, which means hard work, long days, and reaping the bounty. Work smart, and it’s really not that hard!  Sign up for one of our classes today!

Stonehaus Farms has been voted one of the cleanest farms in the state of Virginia, and it is a member of VABF and the Virginia Artisan Trail network.