How to make Mozzarella Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, and Whey Bread in a fun filled, tasty and tasteful course with Connie Stone!

How to make Mozzarella Cheese, Ricotta Cheese, and Whey Bread in a fun filled, tasty and tasteful course with Connie Stone!

In this Hands On, fun filled class, Connie teaches you the Art of Mozzarella Cheese Making, as well as using the whey that is left for either Ricotta Cheese or a wonderful Whey Artisan Bread! Each student will make and take home a pound of Mozzarella (if it makes it home!)

Only $35.00 includes Milk!



Introduction to Candlemaking with Connie and Elliott

Learn how to make your own Soy Container Candle!  Take home your own creation that you make by choosing the color and fragrance! All supplies furnished!

Only $20 per person


Canning with Connie!

An introduction to all forms of canning, dehydrating and freezing food plus loads of helpful hints!

This course is taught by our very own Connie Stone, and is filled with everything you need to know to get started in canning and preserving your own foods. By the time you finish this course you will be well on your way to making and storing foods like you have thought about for so long! In this course you will learn about the tradition of canning and preserving, how to get started, deciding what to can and preserve, the various methods of canning and preserving (such as freezing, canning, drying, smoking, etc.), water bath and pressure canning, tools of the trade, as well as how to make jams and jellies.. You will also learn all about the importance of reducing safety risks and about all the benefits of taking part in this age-old tradition!  Go home with your own preserved food!

Only $25 

Learn the art of taking care of yourself in today's environment using yesterday's knowledge and tools.


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Bread Baking classes available!

Learn how to make biscuits, corn bread, loaf bread and Garlic Loaves on your first lesson!

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Grown Here at Home: A homemade remedy that takes away the itch and soothes the skin

In the country kitchen at Stonehaus Farms in Martinsville, Connie is making calendula salve. Neesey Payne from WDBJ7 recently visited Stonehaus Farms to learn how to make the salve.

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Introduction to Candlemaking with Connie and Elliott

Canning with Connie!

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