Stonehaus Farms

goats on our farm

At Stonehaus Farms we name all of our goats. Each year all of the names begin with the same letter of the alphabet. The next year all of the names of the goats begin with the next letter in the alphabet.


Living on a fully sustainable farm comes with lots of perks. At Stonehaus Farms in Martinsville there are several baby goats running around. They’re called Nigerian Dwarf goats and they are just one of the reasons Elliott Stone says he loves being on the farm. He says they’re great to hold onto on those days when you just need to take a breather.

Neesey Payne from WDBJ7 recently visited Stonehaus Farms to meet the baby goats.

Nigerian dwarf goats are our goat of choice. They're small in stature, but big in milk production, and they make the creamiest milk of all goats.