Farm Tours begin for the 2018 Season on March 17th

Tours are at 10:30am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:00pm and 4:30pm. Our last tour of the day is at 4:30pm.
Your Farm Guide takes you on a 1-2 hour exciting, fun and always informative tour.  Your Guide explains the beginnings and continued expansion of Stonehaus Farms.  Included is Animal Husbandry, interesting facts about many animals, as well as amusing stories and anecdotes of Life on the Farm! 

An Absolute Blast!

Only $10 per person, all day!  Tours begin for the

2018 Season on March 17th  

What are you waiting for? 

Book your Stonehaus Farm Experience Outing!  Group Rates Available!
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Food and Drinks are always available!

Try some of our Fresh Vegetables and Fruits from our gardens, and Stonehaus Farms Egg-cellent Eggs at our Farmers Table.

Purchase Canned Goods from The Ole Country Kitchen.

Visit our Candle and Soap Shoppe and take some of the wonderful Soy Container Candles!  Only $5 per candle!

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Farm Tours must be booked in advance! 

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We are from New Jersey and did not know we needed to call ahead. We stopped by on a whim and got an amazing tour!! We loved it!! If we are ever in Virginia again we will come back! - Kristina Kouznetsova, 2017

This place is absolutely fantastic! My parents, my boyfriend and I came for our first visit on my birthday. We tried the cheese and candle making classes, and also received a guided tour of the farm.

The customer service was superb. Elliott and Connie were great hosts, and full of interesting facts and trivia that they shared with us throughout our visit. We also didn't feel rushed at any point.

The cheese making was interesting, just a little bit messy and a lot of fun. The candle making was a simple process, but no less enjoyable. And the babies - goats, chicks, bunnies, etc., were adorable beyond words. You can tell the animals are well cared for and highly socialized.

I would certainly go back for another visit and highly recommend others give it a try.
- Amanda Wilson, 2016

When kids say, "This is the best vacation ever" while totally unplugged and really learning, you know you're in the right place. This was a terrific hands on experience for us and I can't thank the Stone's enough or recommend their farm highly enough! We appreciate you sharing your beautiful farm with us so much! When traveling to the mountains, we will include a visit here from now on!  -  Rhonda  McKeel, 2016

Stonehaus Farms offers sustainable living farm tours. We design our farm tours based on the group. If there are a lot of young children, we will show mostly animals. For older, inquisitive children, we make the tours more biology based. Our farm is not a petting zoo; however, you will be able to enjoy time with the animals. We interject fun facts and jokes into the tours, while making sure they are also very educational. The most important point of the tours is to show why farms have animals and how they have been used in the past. Each excursion is essentially a VIP tour.

Learn about the Animals

Our animal selection includes approximately 60 guinea hens that help us maintain the property by eating bugs, worms, and ticks. They will also kill snakes and rats. Our potbelly pig loves all animals on the farm except for other pigs. We also have the "Fowl of Stonehaus," which includes four exotic chickens.

Nigerian dwarf goats are our goat of choice. They're small in stature, but big in milk production, and they make the creamiest milk of all goats. Purchase goats for your home dairy or adopt some of these natural lawn mowers for your property.

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